Cynar sponsors New York City Cocktail Competition With $1,000 Prize

Dear New York Area Bartenders,

Lemons, limes, oranges, cucumbers all go just fine in cocktails but it’s time to try something new…the artichoke.

Think your palate and mixing skills are up to the challenge of putting together a drink made from Cynar ( It’s not tough to love the Italian aperitif made from a blend of artichoke leaves and herbs infused in an alcohol base. People have been loving it since it was introduced in Italy in 1949 and Cynar quickly became a favorite sipped on the rocks, with soda or cola; but it’ll be even more interesting to see what else you can do with it.

Your colleagues will be the judge when they gather at Trump SoHo ( on August 23rd and they’re surely eager to taste test what you’ll bring to Cynar’s cocktail competition, co-sponsored by the USBG NY chapter. So grab a bottle of Cynar, and no more than five other ingredients (including: bitters, syrups, rimmers, garnishes and other toppings) and show us what you’ve got. Your creation could win everyone’s approval, and $1,000 in the process.

Here are the rules and the entry form:

Location: Trump SoHo
Date: Monday, August 23, 2010
Time: 5-8pm (30 minutes prior to start)

$1,000 Awarded to the best cocktail determined by a vote of attendees and peers*


1. The competition is open to currently employed bartenders.
2. The recipes submitted (see cocktail form) must be the contestant’s original creations.
3. From all submissions, five (5) finalists will be selected by a panel of USBG-NY Executive Committee judges.
4. Each finalist must bring enough ingredients to serve out small 1 oz. portions of their cocktails for minimum of 50 attendees.
5. Finalists must be present to compete.
6. All recipes must be submitted in ounces.
7. Each recipe shall contain Cynar. The competitor shall bring all of the additional ingredients for their recipe. Cynar will be supplied
8. The maximum number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients in the recipe shall be limited to six (6), including bitters, syrups, rimmers, garnishes and other toppings.
9. Use of manufactured garnishes is prohibited, except for straws and toothpicks. All garnishes must be edible and prepared on site.
10. Competitors may use their own non-branded bar tools (branded tools such as shakers, tins with logos printed on them are not permitted).
11. All ingredients in your recipe must be commercially available.
12. Mixing of two or more products before competing is prohibited.
13. Contestants will be given five (5) minutes to prepare four (4) cocktails.
14. The tasting jury consists of attendees and peers, and they will judge the cocktail based upon: aroma, presentation, taste, originality and usage of Cynar.
15. The contestant with the overall highest score will be the awarded $1,000.
16. Each participant’s entry must be received by no later than 5:00PM EST on Friday, August 6. There will be no registration fee.


1. Each Judge will mark their scoring sheet with their preference of scoring in each of the three criteria: Excellent, Very Good or Good. The Judges will also mark the “Overall Impression” of the Drink with: Excellent, Very Good, Good or Fair. The Judges Stewards Committee shall explain the Judging Criteria to all the judges prior to judging the drinks.
2. All scoring sheets will be collected and delivered to the Scoring Committee.
3. Each drink will be judged by a jury of peers and guests on its own merit and not against other drinks. The Judges will not talk to each other during judging of the drinks

The Cocktail Competition’s scoring shall be tabulated as follows:

EXCELLENT – 9 Points EXCELLENT – 6 Points EXCELLENT – 15 Points
VERY GOOD – 6 Points VERY GOOD – 4 Points VERY GOOD – 10 Points
GOOD – 3 Points GOOD – 2 Points GOOD – 5Points

Usage of Cynar
EXCELLENT – 4 Points VERY GOOD – 3 Points GOOD – 2 Points FAIR – 1 Point


Please E-mail this form by
Midnight on Friday, August 6, to:

Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________
(please print)
Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code: _____________________________________________________________________________

Phone #: _____________________________Cell (optional): ____________________________________________

E-mail address: __________________________________________________________________________________

Place of business:

Name of Cocktail _______________________________________________________________________

Recipe (quantity in ounces):
1) ________________________________________________________________________________

2) ________________________________________________________________________________

3) ________________________________________________________________________________

4) ________________________________________________________________________________

5) ________________________________________________________________________________

6) ________________________________________________________________________________






***Bartenders outside of the New York area – try Cynar on your own and enjoy la dolce vita.