Eating well, and for charity, at the 2010 US OPEN

Dedicated sports fans have their own satisfying sustenance at the game – baseball has its classic match up of hotdogs and beer; football offers beer and that ice cream in cute little helmets, but only at the US Open will you find serious food that matches the intense level of play on the court. And this year the dining and drinking options got even better.

“The US Open is one of the premier sports and entertainment attractions on the planet, both in the on-court product and in the experience offered to patrons throughout the grounds,” said Danny Zausner, Managing Director, USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. “The US Open features culinary offerings that have transcended sports, and with the additions in 2010, including an extraordinary lineup of acclaimed chefs, this year’s US Open will provide both tennis fans and casual visitors alike an experience unparalleled by any other sporting event in the world.”

At the 2010 US Open, which runs August 30-September 12 at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, NY, the South Plaza Master Chef Café features signature items created for this highly anticipated tennis competition. Top Chef Masters, like Carmen Gonzalez, Rick Moonen, Jonathan Waxman and more are on hand to feed your belly and your soul.

On September 4th chefs will be demo-ing dishes. And the chef who sells the most of their signature dish will receive a $5,000 donation to their favorite charity.

Here’s what you can taste:

South Plaza Master Chef Café
• Master Chef Café: The new Master Chef Café will be accessible to all guests.

o Susan Feniger: Chef and owner of Border Grill restaurants in Santa Monica and Las Vegas and the Border Grill Truck (along with business partner Chef Mary Sue Milliken), Feniger recently launched her first solo venture, Susan Feniger’s STREET in Hollywood. A veteran of Food Network’s Too Hot Tamales, Feniger also co-authored five cookbooks with Milliken, including Mesa Mexicana and Cooking with Too Hot Tamales. For the US Open, she will serve carne asada tacos made with grilled jalapeno lime steak, caramelized onion, grilled corn relish, chipotle salsa and guacamole, and Yucatan pork tacos made with braised achiote pork, orange jicama slaw, guacamole and pickled onion, both served on soft corn tortillas with red rice and black beans.

o Carmen Gonzalez: Puerto Rican native Gonzalez is the former chef/owner of the nationally-acclaimed Carmen the Restaurant, which was named “one of the best restaurants in America” by Esquire Magazine. Gonzalez will be serving a lobster roll with key lime mayonnaise, a pulled pork sandwich with mango slaw on a brioche roll, barbeque pork quesadillas topped with avocado relish, a lobster and avocado terrine, and Carmen’s signature flan with caramel sauce.

o Tony Mantuano: Mantuano is known worldwide for his four-star Italian restaurant Spiaggia, located in Chicago. He also won the 2005 James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: Midwest. In addition to his offerings at the Wine Bar Food stand (see below), at the Master Chef Café Mantuano will serve a spinach salad with crispy shallots and crumbled ricotta salata, and an antipasti platter featuring Niman Ranch dry cured salami, Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese and marinated Cerignola olives.

o Rick Moonen: The author of Fish Without a Doubt and chef/owner of RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Moonen is an advocate for sustainable seafood practices and is critically acclaimed for his work at Oceana, Molyvos, the Water Club and RM. For the US Open, Moonen visited the Levy Restaurants Innovations Kitchen in Chicago and worked with Levy and Tony Mantuano to develop the Moon`N Doggie, an all-natural shrimp hot dog debuting at this year’s US Open. Each shrimp dog is served on a fresh toasted bun and comes with Asian slaw and toga chips. Customers can also customize their Moon ‘N Doggies with a variety of specialty toppings including honey ginger goo, chipotle dude or horseradish hell.

o Jonathan Waxman – A revered chef, restaurateur and author, Jonathan has helmed venerable kitchens from coast to coast – from Chez Panisse in Berkeley and Michael’s in Los Angeles to New York’s famous Jams in Washington Park. The author of A Great American Cook, Waxman is currently the chef/owner of Barbuto in Manhattan’s West Village. At the Open, he will dish up his signature roast chicken panino with basil aioli and greens and mozzarella, an heirloom tomato caprese panino with pesto, and a grilled sliced hanger steak panino with pepperonata, along with caponata and ratatouille contorni.

And wash it all down with the Grey Goose signature cocktail, the Honey Deuce.

Want to make it yourself? Here’s how:


3 pounds boneless pork butt or shoulder

3 tablespoons dry oregano
1/2 bunch fresh rosemary
10 garlic cloves, minced
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

Mix ingredients in small bowl. Place pork, fat side up on shallow pan. Rub dry rub all over pork; pressing into pork. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours.


1 cup apple cider vinegar
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper
1 tablespoon coarse salt
2 teaspoons vegetable oil

Mix ingredients in medium bowl.

One hour before remove pork from refrigerator. Season with salt and pepper. Cover with foil. Bring temperature of oven to 350°F. Place pork on center of oven. Cook until meat thermometer inserted into center of pork registers 165°F., turning pork and brushing with cold mop every 20 minutes, about 1.5 hours total. Remove from oven asset aside to cool. When cool enough to handle pull meat into threads, pour juices in pan over it.

GREY GOOSE Honey Deuce Pitcher

16 parts GREY GOOSE Original Vodka
32 parts freshly squeezed lemonade
8 parts Chambord® or premium raspberry liqueur
Crushed ice
Honeydew melon balls

Add lemonade, GREY GOOSE Vodka and Chambord to a large pitcher filled with crushed ice and stir well. Pour into highball glasses filled with ice and garnish with melon balls.

Serves 9.