A former First Lady said that it takes a village to raise a child. But when that child becomes an adult and enters the workforce they become part of another village; the industry in which they choose to work. Many go to work in the service industry because they find more than just income there; they find an intense satisfaction in nurturing others, and a connection to those who flock to service. And these colleagues become, in short, the family you choose, not the family you were born with.

One of your own needs the help of her family by choice. Lydia Tillman, formerly of New York City’s Casa Mono, moved to Colorado to be a wine rep for the Natural Wine Co. There, on July 4th, Lydia was the victim of an unspeakable act of violence. She bravely escaped a burning building after being subjected to agonizing assault and arson. Fortunately, thanks to her inner strength and perseverance, she is alive. And recovering.

Family, friends & supporters of Lydia Tillman are invited to this Facebook page to convey heartfelt wishes and assist in Lydia’s recovery. www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-Lydia/191956844193943

If a Facebook page isn’t enough for you please note that Chambers Street Wines is doing a for-profit tasting (www.chambersstwines.com/Article.asp?id=673) and Terroir Tribeca will do one on Aug 20th as well. (www.wineisterroir.com)

Upcoming Benefit Tasting for Lydia Tillman
Where: Terroir Tribeca – 24 Harrison Street – NYC
When: Saturday August 20th
What time: noon to 3pm
Wines: Sherry, Rioja (including a range of old vintages) and more will be represented
Donation: a minimum of $20 per person