By David Ransom

Five questions for Marco Faraone, a native of Rome, Italy and Time Out Sydney’s 2010 Bartender of the Year. Marco created the Island Bar, a two-story bar built of recycled shipping containers on Cockatoo Island, a former naval shipbuilding base and prison in Sydney Harbor. There, he also produces Cocktail Island, a celebratory festival of the cocktail each September.

Q. How many years have you been coming to Tales?
A. Four. Although, it’s all starting to get a little blurry…

Q. What’s your favorite ingredient?
A. Campari.

Q. As a veteran of Tales, what advice do you have for Tales Virgins?
A. Take it easy and pace yourself. Don’t start too fast on the first day, or you might not last…

Q. Cubed Ice or Crushed?
A. Both.

Q. What advice do you have for someone just starting out in the bar business?
A. As much as you may enjoy making drinks, you must enjoy this industry because you love the people, not for the love of the drinks you create. The drink is the tool that connects you with the people. They ultimately are what support your bar, support your business, and make the industry what it is today.