By Danilo “Dacha” Bozović

Danilo Bozovic Odd Job cocktail close shot

After working behind bars, and hanging (and drinking) in others, you notice that there are liquors that sell themselves with little help required and some that just sit, waiting to be used from time to time.

In most cases, cocktails are the main agents promoting sales of any kind of drinkable ingredient- not just spirits, liqueurs, and bitters, but even juices and sodas.

Cocktails like the Moscow Mule, Cosmopolitan, Black Russian, and Harvey Wallbanger (to name a few) have increased the demand and sales of their branded main ingredients and made them staples behind most bars.  The Black Russian has done a lot for the popularity of the coffee liqueurs, in particular Kahlua. The Cosmo promoted Absolut Citron, Ocean Spray Cranberry and Cointreau. The Moscow Mule helped lead growing vodka trend in the 1950’s and also brought ginger beer to the main stage of cocktail ingredients. Likewise, the Harvey Wallbanger helped introduce Galliano, a delicious Italian liqueur with delicious herbal notes, a sweet vanilla flavor and just enough anise to play with your taste buds.

The Harvey Wallbanger, but more importantly Galliano, are the inspirations of this post about a delicious and admittedly “boozy” cocktail called “The Odd Job.”

The Odd Job is a cocktail created by my good friend, colleague and Bar Manager, Mr. Ivan Papić (Macao Trading Company, NYC – With his creation, The Odd Job, he has greatly increased the consumption of Galliano, which inspired me to write this column, and put The Odd Job in line with the greats.

Danilo Bozovic Odd Job Papic free pouring

Ivan’s stirred creation with three of every bartender’s favorite ingredients- Bulleit Rye, Galliano and Fernet Branca- has helped spotlight our tallest bottle behind the bar, Galliano.

Ivan explains, “I like simple and boozy drinks, just few ingredients and a nice kick to it. My inspiration was the Manhattan cocktail.”  He incorporated his spirit of choice, Fernet Branca, into the Odd Job to balance the cocktail and prevent the Galliano from overpowering the other ingredients. Ivan recommends this drink as an aperitif or for people that are looking for an alternative cocktail to the Manhattan. When people ask him how he came up with the name “The Odd Job”, he says:  “My friend and co-worker Vincent Vitek is responsible for the name. It is name of a villain from the James Bond movie, Goldfinger.”

Danilo Bozovic Odd Job Ivan expressing lemon

The Odd Job was a finalist in the 2012 Galliano NYC cocktail competition. You can find both the Odd Job and Ivan behind the bar at TriBeCa’s hotspot, Macao Trading Company.

The Odd Job

Dominant flavors: rye whiskey with anise and herbs on the nose
Body: full with high alcohol content
Dryness: medium
Complexity: medium to high with perfect balance
Finish: medium with oak and bittersweet taste
Glass: Cocktail glass

Bulleit Rye Whiskey stir with Galliano liqueur and add dashes of Fernet Branca, serve straight up.

Danilo Bozovic Odd Job bartender and guest shot

Thanks to everyone who showed their support, especially to Ivan Papic, Rizo Popovic, Cat Chan and Tanja Stojic.

You’ll either find Serbian native, Danilo “Dacha” Bozović behind a bar or behind a keyboard. Visit this Principal Bartender at Macao Trading Company ( where he shares his passion for cocktails with others. Or just read his blogs at where he dedicates himself to his other passion, writing, proving once again that great authors are often inspired by great spirits…