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September 20, 2011

Restaurant Storytelling: How to Make Your Restaurant Live On in the Hearts and Minds of Your Patrons
By Adele Cehrs

Differentiation in today’s crowded restaurant space is imperative, not only in terms of an eatery’s success, but also for its continued survival and patron loyalty. Foodies everywhere want to be part of the story of how a restaurant becomes successful or remains so, as a result of their patronage. The experience isn’t limited to just sitting down for a quality meal, it’s about conveying a personal connection, a unique backstory, or even a rise from humble beginnings.

Consider the ‘Underdog Effect’ -according to recent research published in The Journal of Consumer Science, an underdog brand biography increases purchase intentions and brand loyalty by consumers. The brand biography is an unfolding story, that chronicles the origin of the brand, the struggles, and its evolution over time. Consider how consumers see themselves before positioning your brand a certain way. People like to think of themselves as the underdog, and identify with underdog stories that remind them of themselves.

Consumers go back to establishments they connect with. At some point they even see themselves as part of their favorite eatery, part of the “family” and part of the story that made the restaurant a success. How restaurants tell this story is critical to long term growth and success.

It’s important to gain objectivity when developing your marketing and PR strategy to convey your story, your brand, and essence to your customers. Why should they care? What does this have to do with them and what they choosing to order today? How does this apply to the food Continue Reading…