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October 2, 2012

Chef David Guas Puts Pedal to the Metal to Take the Simple Pleasures on the Road
By Francine Cohen Photos courtesy of Harley Davidson

Think being in the kitchen in any given Saturday night at the height of service is an intense cooking experience? Take it outside, on the open road, throw in the unpredictability of Mother Nature and you’ll find yourself at the intersection of uncertainty and exhilaration, with the off ramp to sheer pleasure just up ahead.

That’s where James Beard and IACP award nominee David Guas finds himself when he hops on his Harley and heads for the hills. Sure, the weather and cooking conditions may be a little unpredictable, but Guas and his trusty cast iron pan wouldn’t have it any other way.

He says, “I’m a Harley rider, been riding over 15 years, and I find a lot of pleasure in riding the bike I own. Sometimes you just need to get out of these 70 hours a week operations and away from guests; their comments and their needs can be stressful. Of course cooking for them is why I got into the business, but there’s an edge to that sword. It can beat you up. If you let it.”

Guas doesn’t let it. He lets go by leaving that controlled cooking environment behind and letting nature dictate the cooking nuances when he’s preparing a dish outdoors. He shares the priorities that take over after a long ride and says, “At the end of a long ride, whether Continue Reading…