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June 30, 2011

Centennial Macchu Pisco Competition Deadline is today, June 30th

By Francine Cohen

Bet you didn’t know that 2011 is the 100th anniversary of the rediscovery of Machu Picchu by American explorer, Hiram Bingham. Us either; until the good folks at Macchu Pisco told us this interesting fact.

Even more interesting was learning that Macchu Pisco has partnered with the Peruvian government, Peru’s national airline Avianca Taca, and Orient-Express to create a cocktail competition unlike most others.

More than just a cocktail competition, this spirited adventure celebrates the culinary culture of Peru – from drink to food and their origins. Lizzie Asher, President of Macchu Pisco LLC, comments, “While we toast to one Peruvian treasure being re-discovered by an American, likewise we can say that Peruvian Pisco is being put on the map thanks to bartenders who embody Hiram Bingham’s spirit of adventure.”

After traveling to Boston to judge their local competition this past Monday (a big round of applause to Boston’s winner, Naomi Levy of Eastern Standard Kitchen & Drinks thanks to an invitation from the Macchu Pisco team (including sister Melanie Asher who is the founder of the company and the brand’s master distiller) we know that the spirit of adventure needed for this competition is different than your normal approach.

So, let’s see, how can we explain it to you so fully that you’ll want to enter? Well, this one’s national (yes, we know, so are some others). This one allows every competitor to present their drink and describe it to the judges (yes, yes, we know, other competitions have that element too). This one has prizes for: the best tasting cocktail (uh, huh, we know, same old, same old); most creative/relevant to the topic (hmmmm, getting a little different here, aren’t we?); and takes presentation into consideration (tip – invest in pretty glassware, judges like pretty glassware). The Centennial competition is judged by both Continue Reading…