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July 20, 2011

Destilería Serrallés and Death’s Door Spirits Forge a Ground-Breaking Multi-Functional Strategic Partnership

Destilería Serrallés, Inc. ( and Death’s Door Spirits, LLC ( have inked a long-term, co-operating U.S. distribution & marketing agreement.

This alliance brings together two “brand-first” companies that are at the forefront of “craft & quality” functionality in creating award-winning brands. Both companies share a passion for high-quality spirits distilled from natural ingredients and strive to bring innovation and sustainability to all aspects of their products and practices.

For Destilería Serrallés, through its U.S. distribution arm Serrallés USA, this venture bolsters its arsenal beyond world-class rums in bringing to a new market a craft gin, vodka and white whisky. This makes it a portfolio that is not only diverse, but also attractive to new audiences and accounts in all 50 states. This partnership will also enable a two-way flow of “best practices” knowledge and insight between companies: both in terms of marketing, but also and with respect to each company’s cutting-edge product development and sustainability credos. For Death’s Door Spirits, it will now have a national footprint to further grow its emerging portfolio of artisanal products via Serrallés USA’s national distribution network. This partnership also opens up a larger platform for Death’s Door Spirits to set the benchmark for what both sides believe American “craft” spirits should represent.

In addition to providing its experience and proven track record, Destilería Serrallés will also take an advisory role in the expansion of Death’s Door Spirits’ operations and distillation facilities in Wisconsin as the small-craft brand seeks to build greater production capacity to match the fast rising demand for its products. Death’s Door Spirits will take an active role in brand and product innovation with Destilería Serrallés as the fastest growing U.S. rum maker looks to expand its product line.

“We are extremely pleased to have Death’s Door Spirits as a strategic partner. As a successful small, upstart company, Death’s Door Spirits has shown that strong passion and clear voice are welcome in the spirits industry. We look forward to setting a new standard of “brand-building” in the spirits industry. Furthermore, we believe the strategic partnership with Death’s Door Spirits is crucial to sustaining the momentum our company has as an emerging industry leader,” says John Eason, Vice President & National Sales Manager at Serrallés USA.

“This opportunity has tremendous upside for both parties,” explained Brian Ellison, President and CEO of Death’s Door Spirits. “As Death’s Door Spirits has grown, we have always looked for greater avenue to tell our story to a larger audience. I feel the values and vision that both the Serrallés family and John Eason’s team holds matches closely with our core values: commitment to quality, focus on all aspects of the production process from ground to glass, and vigilance toward sustainability.”

The two companies will remain independent entities, with Death’s Door Spirits National Sales Director, John Kinder, working in tandem with the Serrallés USA sales & marketing teams under the leadership of Mr. Eason.

About Destilería Serrallés, Inc.:
As one of America’s oldest-owned and operated family businesses, Destilería Serrallés has been producing some of the world’s leading rums for over 145 years. Its flagship brand DonQ, Puerto Rico’s premium rum, is the #1 selling rum brand on the island, where more than 70% of the rum consumed in the USA is produced. DonQ is produced by Destilería Serrallés Inc., in Ponce, Puerto Rico and distributed by Serrallés USA, Stamford CT. Destilería Serrallés’ portfolio includes: DonQ Cristal, DonQ Gold, DonQ Añejo, DonQ Gran Añejo and DonQ Limón, DonQ Coco, DonQ Mojito, BlackBeard Spiced Rum and Palo Viejo. Destilería Serrallés also owns the Ponce Hilton and Golf Resort; a real estate development business, and an environmental services business Please visit us at and follow us on!/DonQ and @donqrum.

About Death’s Door Spirits, LLC:
Death’s Door Spirits takes its name with the treacherous body of water, Death’s Door Passage, which separates Washington Island from the Wisconsin mainland. Founders of the company began working with families on Washington Island back in 2005 to begin restoring and promoting the farming traditions that had died out in the 1970’s. Since 2008, Death’s Door Spirits has been winning awards and recognition for their vodka, gin and white whisky while helping the farmers on Washington Island grow its acreage from five (5) to nearly 1,200. Please visit us at and follow us on and www.!/deathsdoor.



July 17, 2010

DonQ Rums Sponsors Benefit Concert in New Orleans Featuring Cowboy Mouth and Rebirth Brass Band
By Francine Cohen

As of July 15th there was a new cap on BP’s MC252 well, effectively (at least for now) stemming the flow of oil that’s been rushing into the Gulf since the well sprung a leak. But that took them a few months to get from crisis to supposed containment and, along the way, thousands of people in the area have lost jobs due to this environmental disaster that still has an untold impact on the region.

So what can you do besides wring your hands and watch those soap commercials about the wildlife covered in oil finally getting a bath and returning to their natural habitat? Well (no pun intended)…you could come out to Tipitina’s ( in the French Quarter on Thursday, July 22nd at 9:30 and have a few drinks ($4 each) made by some of the country’s best mixologists and sip them alongside your friends as you listen to the sounds of Cowboy Mouth ( and the Rebirth Brass Band (

Oil is working its way onto the beaches and into the marshes, but hopefully, with money raised from this evening (possibly $25,000 or more), the region will see a rebirth. That’s what the folks at DonQ Rums ( were thinking when they set the wheels in motion for this not to be missed evening that benefits the Greater New Orleans Foundation (

John Eason, VP National Sales Manager (and Louisiana native), was inspired Continue Reading…



February 26, 2010

DonQ International Rum Competition, World Cocktail Week, Nouveau Sake, Stinky Cheese

2/1-6/21  DONQ RUM/ USBG Competition – Regional, Semi-Finals, International

Regionals – February 1-April 15

USBG chapters holding local cocktail competitions using DonQ Rum .  Regional winners, who are announced on 4/16, will each receive a DonQ Rum kit, a trip for 1 to the Manhattan Cocktail Classic including roundtrip coach airfare and hotel, and the right to compete at the Semi-Finals held at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic on 4/17.

National Semi-Finals – April 17 (New York City)

Held at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic on 4/17, drinks will be judged by a jury panel to determine the 3-5 finalists who will comprise the USBG US Drink Team to represent the USBG at the Finals in Puerto Rico.  Crowd favorite cocktail determined by attendees. US Drink Team receives Continue Reading…



February 7, 2010

By Francine Cohen
All cocktails created by Esteban Ordonez

We’re New Orleans Saints fans at Inside F&B. And to celebrate the Saints’ first visit to the Super Bowl in their 43 year franchise history we’re offering up a few cocktails for you to serve on the big day, and all year long.

Why are we Saints fans? Well, first of all we appreciate the fact that New Orleans is the gracious host city to the annual drinks conference Tales of the Cocktail, a not-to-be-missed event if you care about spirits and cocktails; and we heartily applaud the restaurant and hospitality community there for bouncing back after Katrina and helping to boost the local economy by making NOLA a foodie and cultural destination once more. And then there’s our very private and personal reason for rooting for the Saints instead of that other team…after all these years we simply can’t forgive the Colts for sneaking out of Baltimore in the middle of the night and relocating.

So, it’s with great support that we present these DonQ rum cocktails created by Esteban Ordonez. Enjoy!

Black and Gold
2 1/2 oz Don Q Gold
1 oz Kahlua (or coffee liquor of your choice)
1/2 oz Cointreau (or triple sec of your choice)
1 lemon peel
1 scented clove

Fill a rocks glass with ice, gently pour in the Cointreau, followed by the Kahlua, run a lemon peel around the lip of the glass and put a scented clove through it. Slowly layer the Don Q gold over the ice to achieve a layered look. Serve with a short straw and the lemon peel and clove. (This drink is a modern take on the classic New Orleans Cafe Brulot cocktail.)

All Saints Punch
12 oz Don Q Cristal
4 oz St. Germain
8 oz Fresh orange juice
3 oz simple syrup
3 oz fresh lime juice
2 chilled cans of Sprite ( or citrus soda pop of your choice )
lime wheels for garnish

In a large container combine all the ingredients except for the Sprite, cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. When ready to serve stir thoroughly and transfer to an ice filled pitcher.
Serve into iced rock glasses garnish with the lemon wheels and top of with a splash of Sprite.

Black and Gold Shooter
1 oz Kahlua
1 oz Don Q Gold

In a shoot glass pour the Kahlua first, and then carefully layer the Don Q.

Half Time Hurricane
1/2 oz. Don Q Gold
1/2 oz Don Q Limon
3/4 oz blackberry liquor
Layer the ingredients in a shot glass beginning with the Don Q gold, followed by the berry liquor, and top of with the Don Q Limon.

Saints Black
Equal parts:
Don Q Cristal
Don Q Coco

Shake all ingredients over ice and serve in shot glasses.