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May 10, 2010

The Art of Pairing Food and Craft Beer
By Francine Cohen

Photo by Jason Littrell

Beer, in a stream of consciousness sort of way (putting winter coats at the back of the closet usually coincides with the opening of baseball season, which inevitably leads to hankering for a mustard slathered hot dog washed down by an ice cold brew), has held a seasonal place in our hearts and on our menus.

But really, why are we still relegating it to that Take Me Out To The Ballgame… time of year when throughout all four seasons there are so many styles of beers being brewed, and most of them can pair as well with almost any cuisine as wine does? This seasonal beverage changing of the guards has to stop. Year round pairings of craft beer with food opens up all sorts of dining options for guests, and potential revenue streams for bars, and restaurants; just two good reasons to go beyond the pale and dive into new territory.

Plenty of chefs around the country are embracing beer, going beyond the traditional food pairing options of looking only at distilled spirits and wines, and exploring the possibilities that this other bubbly drink has to offer. A couple of weeks ago 22 people dove for an opportunity to fill the seats available at The Mermaid Inn’s ( Bivalves and Beer pairing dinner, Sure, it doesn’t sound like a large number, but don’t focus on the number of people who bought tickets; instead, focus on the fact that this dinner sold out in an hour. In just 60 minutes The Mermaid Inn had a house guaranteed to be packed on a Monday night Continue Reading…