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July 14, 2011

Knowing what gets you featured in the press
By Francine Cohen
All photos courtesy of Lush Life Productions and Alia Akkam of Beverage Media ( and I shared with the USBG New York Chapter members recently at a monthly meeting held at Macao Trading Company ( as Lee introduced her PR 101 program. In short…RETURN MEDIA QUERIES!

Seriously, people. Wonder why so and so is getting all the press and you’ve worked longer or harder than they have and never get featured? Hmmm, maybe that’s because when the media calls, you don’t respond. Or maybe it’s because they don’t know how to find you. Well, that stinks. But it’s easy enough to change.

If you walk away with only two things from this story, remember this: 1) Return media queries (as noted above) and 2) Content is king.

What does this mean exactly? Well, if you want people to respect you, talk about you Continue Reading…



October 26, 2010

Creating that big break for the spotlight you crave

Feeling like your talent behind the bar deserves a wider audience? Aching to be on the local morning show shaking up seasonal cocktails or chatting with late night hosts about their favorite spirit? Want to see yourself quoted in national magazine articles highlighting your drink program and recipes and be invited to speak at conferences, judge competitions and recognized as an industry leader? You need a publicist.

But you knew that.

You also knew you couldn’t afford one. Or can you?

Now you can. It’s time to start exploring how you can grow your own brand (i.e. you) with the help of a publicist who is willing to work with you at a price you can afford. Free.

Hanna Lee Communications, Inc., ( an award-winning spirits, food, wine, travel and lifestyle PR agency, launches a complimentary seminar series for working bartenders and mixologists that will address the basics of public relations and self-promotion. The first seminar will kick off in January 2011 in conjunction with the U.S Bartenders Guild’s (USBG) New York chapter.

The seminars will be led by Hanna Lee, the agency’s founder and president, who has 22 years of experience in marketing and PR. Lee explains why she’s created this program that’s reaching out to help the industry’s bright new stars, “Over the past year, many mixologists have approached my agency and expressed an interest in PR services. However, their limited budgets prevented us from collaborating effectively. For this reason, I devised a complimentary seminar series as a way to give back to a community that I am passionate about.”

Lee’s passion has driven her to create this series and share time-tested tips for generating publicity. She explains, “The two-hour seminars will cover understanding the media, being a useful source of information, navigating media interviews, using public Continue Reading…