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March 20, 2010

>Pipeline Brands shares tips for success in this time of fragile recovery

By John Badalati, John Henry, Jim Pickett, Brad Welz and Rich Odell

Photo courtesy of PipeLine


The days of just cranking out bottles behind the bar or on a bottle list and calling that brand-building are gone forever.

Metro New York’s role as an indicator for national and international liquor sales means you’d be wise to keep an eye on what’s going on here if you want to successfully build your brand.  The tri-state region has taken quite a hit in the last year and liquor sales, while still flowing, are tight as the financial markets directly impact consumer spending with so many financial houses here in the area fueling our economy.  Fortunately, we’re seeing a rise in spending from a portion of consumers who are eager to come out of this bleak economic time and indulge in some affordable non-essential items once again.

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