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October 24, 2012

How To Stay Fit When You Work With Food
By Amanda Schuster

Photo courtesy of A16

We are all surrounded by decadent temptations every day. All too well we know that leaves the average person having a hard enough time staying fit; but it’s got to be even worse for a chef or food writer, right? Just how does one keep their girlish figure when surrounded by food for a living?

To address that point, and hopefully help the audience avoid the kind of pointed jabs that Mario Batali (and his waistline) received at the NYC Wine & Food Festival roast of Anthony Bourdain, a panel of chefs gathered during the festival weekend for a seminar titled “How Chefs Eat and Stay Slim.” The seminar was moderated by Allison Adato, author of the book “Smart Chefs Stay Slim” which includes testimonies from such celebrity chefs and restaurateurs as Joe Bastianich, Rick Bayless, Cat Cora, Eric Ripert, Naomi Pomeroy and dozens of others who share their secrets to finding that healthy balance. The seminar featured cookbook author Katie Lee (, Chefs Sue Torres (of Sueños –, Marc Murphy (of Landmarc restaurants –, and the king of decadent Southern cuisine himself, Art Smith (

Adato, Lee, Murphy, Smith and Torres all agreed that especially when one is busy, it’s important to eat well and have a good breakfast. Letting hunger take control is the easiest way to fall victim to temptation because the worst things to eat are usually the ones that are the most readily available. Murphy attested that French fries are always calling to him from the line. If he hasn’t eaten, he says, “It’s the first thing I’ll reach for.”

Being able to reach in and grab something healthier than those tempting fries is about planning. And batching. The panelists agree that it’s important that the batched food is something palatable and satisfying. Freshness, wholesomeness (no artificial sweeteners or processed ingredients) and seasoning are key. To this end, Torres is a big proponent of using plenty of acid and Continue Reading…



October 24, 2012

Who Needs PR? Industry Insiders Weigh In
By Jessica Colley

Photos courtesy of Bullfrog and Baum/Solomon Oh

Gabe Stulman, Eric Ripert, Ryan D'Agostino, Jennifer Baum, Amy Rossetti, Michael Stillman (left to right)

“We live in a world of communication, and within this world, PR is a tool… a strategy for helping us to tell the story of who we are and what we do.” With this statement, Chef/Restaurateur Eric Ripert kicked off a lively debate on the merits of PR in front of a packed crowd at the NYC Wine & Food Festival Trade Talks program conceived and led by hospitality industry PR firm Bullfrog & Baum.

A range of industry insiders joined Bullfrog & Baum President, Jennifer Baum, on the stage in the High Line Room at the Standard Hotel to share their opinions on whether or not restaurants benefit from the services provided by PR firms. Panelists Michael Stillman (Fourth Wall Restaurants owner –, Amy Rossetti (Director of PR at the Cosmopolitan Las, Ryan D’Agostino (Esquire Editor –, Gabriel Stulman (Little Wisco Restaurant Group owner –, and Chef Eric Ripert voiced their opinions on whether or not to PR; their opinions ranged from strongly for PR to strongly against, all supported by years of experience.

Agreeing with Ripert on believing in the benefits of PR were Rosetti and Stillman. The opposite opinion was held by Gabriel Stulman, who has never used PR and prefers to handle media requests within his company. Stulman connected his success to a “strong base of regulars” and “talking to his customers instead of relying on social media”. In fact, Stulman went on to describe his “disdain for Twitter” and Continue Reading…