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February 26, 2010

INSIDE F&B charges chefs and bartenders with creating the next drink sensation
By Francine Cohen

Photo by Michael Harlan Turkell

February 25, 2010 will forever live in infamy as the day that the beloved pickle back jumped the shark.

We’re thrilled for its popularity.  And still intend to enjoy them now and again.  But the pickle back no longer holds its own as a secret insider liquid handshake since  the cat’s out of the bag thanks to this terrific article by Robert Haynes-Peterson,

Known well to those who have embraced the briiiiiiine, the pickle back has a special place in the hearts of industry folks (and a select and welcome group of aficionados) who find themselves at bars late into the night/wee hours of the morning, often following a grueling shift and looking for nothing more than a simple drink, a savory pick me up, and some good company.  Now we expect to see lots of people bellying up to the bar for their backs.

Whatever its vaunted origins (Texas, Bushwick Country Club, The Randolph, The Rusty Knot ) and supposed instigators of its popular appeal Continue Reading…