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August 31, 2012

Hot for the new Fever-Tree mixer
By Francine Cohen

Our love affair with Fever-Tree’s Mediterranean tonic is, as with most love stories, a long and complicated one.

We were first introduced to this perfect for vodka pairing mixer in a clandestine way…Fever-Tree’s rep had just four bottles to share with Englishman Ben Scorah (also known as the head bartender for Chef John DeLucie’s exclusive restaurants The Lion and The Crown –, and lucky for us we were at the bar when the precious package was presented. Thankfully Scorah is the sharing type.

So, a few sips of deliciousness and we were hooked. The crisp bubbles! The fresh herbal notes that balanced well with quinine and made us want to order the entire left side of the menu! Vodka tonics, we finally had a reason to order you again. But alas, this elixir with its rosemary overtones wasn’t to be available in the States for over a year. Despite strong sales in the UK.

Leaving us lovelorn and suffering a stereotypical fate of begging the brand owners to make it available here. Finally, they listened. Charles Rolls, Fever-Tree’s co-founder says, “Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic is the next natural progression in our line of all natural premium mixers. Our goal has always been to optimally showcase premium spirits in cocktails and we recognize that certain different spirits require different flavor complements in cocktails. Our Mediterranean Tonic’s unique Continue Reading…

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August 26, 2011

If you’ve kept up with INSIDE F&B’s editorial, or run around the country eating and drinking with us at all, you’ve already heard us praise this brand over and over again. While we know that we know what we’re talking about it’s always nice to have another respected opinion publicly making the same claim.

So, now it’s not just the editors of INSIDE F&B singing this premium mixers’ praises; the industry has spoken. At the 2011 Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC this past July ( the silver SOFI Award (SOFI =Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation)went to Fever-Tree ( for its exquisite line of products which includes: Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Tonic, Naturally Light Tonic, Club Soda, and Bitter Lemon. Tim Warrillow, co-founder, comments, “Fever-Tree believes in enhancing your favorite spirit, rather than drown out the flavor like other mixers. That’s why we use all natural ingredients, including unique gingers and other botanicals. We’re proud that the products contain no artificial colors, sweeteners, flavorings or preservatives.”

This is the second year in a row that the brand’s co-founder is pleased to announce that Fever Tree has garnered such well deserved recognition. At the 2010 show their Ginger Beer won the gold award for best cold beverage. This year, their Ginger Ale took the category’s top prize.

With undisputed wins like this you might want to consider getting rid of that soda gun, and making room in your reach in for some Fever-Tree bottles.