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April 5, 2013

aka – The Platinum Edition
By Francine Cohen

Angostura Legacy decanter

This installment of the “Don’t Miss” column eschews our normal guidelines of presenting you with items you can enjoy and doing so in a way that’s informative for you, and not all about us. This time around though, it is kind of about us. And you too, of course. Assuming you have a spare $25,000 sitting around waiting for the right bottle of rum to come on the market.

Nope, not a typo. That’s $25K for a decanter of delicious rum. To quote what we discovered when opening the elegant packaging in which this precious perfume vial sized sample arrived (our sample size is worth just a mere $200)- this is the world’s most expensive commercial release rum…Legacy by Angostura (

Oh the agony that accompanied its arrival! We knew it had to be good; a company with the reputation of Angostura’s doesn’t just throw any old rum in a bottle. And certainly not this 500ml bottle; not when it’s actually an elegant keepsake decanter made by jewelers to the Prince of Wales, Asprey of London ( And DEFINITELY not when the exclusive run of 20 handcrafted decanters is filled them with rum that the brand describes as “the crowning achievement of almost Continue Reading…



March 22, 2013

Miami’s 5th Annual Rum Renaissance Grows Even Bigger
By Francine Cohen

Rum Renaissance 2012 banner with glasses in front

As much of the country continues to get walloped with snow and cold weather with no sign of that lion/lamb thing happening anytime soon the only way to get warm may just be to close your eyes and pretend you’re already in Miami for the 2013 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.

This year, the festival’s fifth, is definitely worth fantasizing about as Rum Renaissance — the largest gathering of rum experts, professionals and enthusiasts in the world — spans Monday, April 15 to Sunday, April 21, 2013 at the Doubletree by Hilton Miami Airport Convention Center. Last year, more than 8,000 rum enthusiasts attended the festival with 20,000 square feet of exhibit space. The new space spans 40,000 square feet, twice the size of last year’s event. Festival organizers are preparing for 15,000 attendees. According to the event’s co-founder, Robin Burr, the Miami Rum Fest has doubled in size each year, a testament to the fact that consumer interest in sugar cane spirits is growing faster than any other category of liquor.

“We’re proud to say that our prediction of rum’s resurgence in popularity was on the money,” said Robert A. Burr, festival organizer and publisher of Rob’s Rum Guide. “An incredible range of fine rums, from casual and fun mixers to luxurious top-shelf sipping rums will be on display. There is no better opportunity for the rum enthusiast to sample such a vast selection of spirits in one place.”

With a selection this big it’s important to remember that Rum Renaissance is a marathon, not a sprint. In addition to a week-long series of VIP parties, tasting sessions and celebrity seminars, the rum festival brings together members of the esteemed International Rum Expert Panel (RumXPs) for their annual tasting competition.

And, new this year, an exclusive Trade Tasting Day; a half-day exhibit session exclusively for the beverage trade on Friday, April 19. Liquor store buyers, food and beverage managers, bartenders Continue Reading…



February 8, 2010

By Francine Cohen

Though Valentine’s Day is behind us (aka one of the top two busiest days in the restaurant business), almost nothing occupies our mind more than love right now.

Join Inside F&B and celebrate your love for rum by attending the first ever Brugal Rum cocktail competition, Brugal Coctel di Amor, being held on February 25th, from 1-4 p.m., at The Clover Club in Brooklyn, NY (210 Smith Street,

At The Clover Club you’ll meet the finalists who have been chosen to compete based on their cocktails which include Brugal Anejo Rum, as well as 1 ingredient that represents LOVE.

Jonathan Pogash, Brugal’s emcee for the afternoon, will introduce you personally to the 11 finalists who are: (in reverse alphabetical order because it’s about time someone at the end of the alphabet got a little love in a listing): Dimitrios Zahariadas, David Roth, Leo Robitschek, Continue Reading…



February 7, 2010

By Francine Cohen
All cocktails created by Esteban Ordonez

We’re New Orleans Saints fans at Inside F&B. And to celebrate the Saints’ first visit to the Super Bowl in their 43 year franchise history we’re offering up a few cocktails for you to serve on the big day, and all year long.

Why are we Saints fans? Well, first of all we appreciate the fact that New Orleans is the gracious host city to the annual drinks conference Tales of the Cocktail, a not-to-be-missed event if you care about spirits and cocktails; and we heartily applaud the restaurant and hospitality community there for bouncing back after Katrina and helping to boost the local economy by making NOLA a foodie and cultural destination once more. And then there’s our very private and personal reason for rooting for the Saints instead of that other team…after all these years we simply can’t forgive the Colts for sneaking out of Baltimore in the middle of the night and relocating.

So, it’s with great support that we present these DonQ rum cocktails created by Esteban Ordonez. Enjoy!

Black and Gold
2 1/2 oz Don Q Gold
1 oz Kahlua (or coffee liquor of your choice)
1/2 oz Cointreau (or triple sec of your choice)
1 lemon peel
1 scented clove

Fill a rocks glass with ice, gently pour in the Cointreau, followed by the Kahlua, run a lemon peel around the lip of the glass and put a scented clove through it. Slowly layer the Don Q gold over the ice to achieve a layered look. Serve with a short straw and the lemon peel and clove. (This drink is a modern take on the classic New Orleans Cafe Brulot cocktail.)

All Saints Punch
12 oz Don Q Cristal
4 oz St. Germain
8 oz Fresh orange juice
3 oz simple syrup
3 oz fresh lime juice
2 chilled cans of Sprite ( or citrus soda pop of your choice )
lime wheels for garnish

In a large container combine all the ingredients except for the Sprite, cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. When ready to serve stir thoroughly and transfer to an ice filled pitcher.
Serve into iced rock glasses garnish with the lemon wheels and top of with a splash of Sprite.

Black and Gold Shooter
1 oz Kahlua
1 oz Don Q Gold

In a shoot glass pour the Kahlua first, and then carefully layer the Don Q.

Half Time Hurricane
1/2 oz. Don Q Gold
1/2 oz Don Q Limon
3/4 oz blackberry liquor
Layer the ingredients in a shot glass beginning with the Don Q gold, followed by the berry liquor, and top of with the Don Q Limon.

Saints Black
Equal parts:
Don Q Cristal
Don Q Coco

Shake all ingredients over ice and serve in shot glasses.