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May 2, 2011

The Manhattan Classic is nearly here – what will you learn?
By Francine Cohen

Photo by Philip Anema

It’s just a dozen days to go until the start of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic so we’re a little surprised that you don’t have your schedule already set in stone, and your pencils sharpened for all the notes you’ll be taking at those seminars.

But far be it from us to chastise you for leaving things until the last minute. Instead, we’d like to reward you for your careful consideration of the programming and offer you a 10%* discount on remaining programs and events.

Here’s some of what we’ll be covering. Will we see you there?

***Answer these questions correctly and you’ll be able to both save 10% on your seminar tickets and attend the gala with us. We’ve got just one gala ticket to spare so the early bird gets the worm (i.e. respond quickly as the first one to do so correctly will be traipsing up the library’s stairs with us).

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