Chocolate: A Love Story
65 Chocolate Dessert Recipes From Max Brenner’s Private Collection

By Max Brenner

Even the non-chocolate lovers among us will be enchanted by Max Brenner’s collection of 50 original recipes as set against bold illustrations which evoke a breadth of art styles from art deco those books our parents read in the 1970s and hid in their nightstands. The food photography which accompanies these recipes mirrors Brenner’s restaurant design and menu and is so realistic you expect to be able to dig a fork in and taste the oozing chocolate goodness.

Brenner shows a deep appreciation for the food that is associated with romance and fantasy, nostalgia and passion and it comes through in every recipe. It should come as little surprise that his inspiration for both the book and his career was, in part, a childhood passion for Roald Dahl’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As a child Brenner swore that someday he would find a river of chocolate and sail in it. Sounds great! And we think that thanks to this book someday is now.