City of Roses ™ All natural creamy mustard

It’s a bread spread, it’s a dip, it’s a marinade, it’s a salad dressing base. Call it what you want, but you’ll surely call the City of Roses™ All Natural Creamy Mustards delicious and versatile. This line of five unique mustards imbued with distilled spirits and fruit of the vine is handcrafted by Diane Van Laningham. Van Laningham and her brother Dennis are Oregon natives who are pleased to offer up their small batch mustard with a unique egg and butter base that provides a creamy smooth texture. It’s the balanced and intense tongue forward flavors that set this line of mustards apart from others on the market.

Rose City Delicacies offers mustards in the following flavors: Grand Marnier (a unique orange zest flavor), Tangy Triple Sec (a spicy zing with a bit of a bite), Mazama infused pepper vodka (kicking off with sweet peppers mellowing a little heat), Pinot Gris (a local interpretation of Dijon) and Pinot Noir (capturing the flavor of the fine red wine Oregon is known for).
A line extension is planned with a continued nod to the Northwest, incorporating local handcrafted beer, wine, and distilled spirits.

In the meantime, enjoy sharing all five flavors with your guests. Four gallon foodservice ready containers are available so you’ll always have some on hand.