The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley

The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley is the leading U.S. producer of premium fruit and vegetable purees. Since 1988, The Perfect Purée, through its Culinary Traditions™ line, has introduced more than thirty exceptional flavors, ranging from the staple raspberry, strawberry and banana to the exotic lychee, passion fruit and pink guava. The fruits are harvested at the peak of season, pureed and packed frozen to maintain the ultimate in fresh flavor and color.

The Perfect Purée sells primarily to high-end restaurants, bars, hotels and cruise lines. In 2008, The Perfect Purée launched eight flavors into specialty retail markets. In April 2009, the company launched Beverage Artistry™, a line of premium, ready to use beverage bases specifically formulated for beverage use. The high impact flavor profiles can be used with spirits, wine, Champagne or as a base for non-alcoholic offerings.
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