Maison LeGrand

Photo by Alain Sirois

In honor of the upcoming Fancy Food Show (, and simply because we’re thrilled to find a packaged product we like enough to write about it, we’re pleased to introduce you to the Maison LeGrand line of cold-pressed pestos, tapenades and sauces.

There are six flavors you can get your hands on now – including a bright garden pesto, a tangy lemon confit with pumpkin and a savory tomato and olive tapenade that comes both mild and spicy – are all vegetarian and/or vegan. Created by French-Canadian musician turned chef Bernard Le Grand and his wife, Tatiana, and made weekly at the couple’s renovated, redbrick schoolhouse in the Quebec countryside, the products are preservative free and gluten free, with no added sugars.

Bernard Le Grand, explains his philosophy on the future of food. “At Le Grand, we’re aiming towards freshness, convenience, health benefits and allergen free products…in other words: diversity. We take the time to produce raw gourmet sauces that offer taste and real nutritious value.”

We’ve won over guests with these spreads and we’re sure your guests will like them too. Use them on their own as dips, toss them into sauce as a base, spread them on a sandwich, or include them in your next marinade – there are a multitude of options.

Our INSIDE scoop is that a new flavor was just launched in Canada – Tzatsiki. Though you can’t find it in the US yet, maybe a write-in campaign will help move things along faster. For more information about these artisanal, fresh products visit: