Best Hands-on Experiments Take Top Prize At This Tales Tasting Room

It sure is nice to sit down in a Tales of the Cocktail seminar and sip a beautifully prepared cocktail as you listen to words of wisdom coming from the front of the room. But, as is sure to happen with all this bartending talent in one place, the urge is bound to strike you…you must mix.

Despite being far from your home bar it’s easy to feel like you’re behind the stick again – just head over to the official hum™ Lab in the Hotel Monteleone’s Hunt Room on Wednesday, July 21st from 4:30-6:00 PM.

Join Adam Seger and Joe McCanta as they introduce you to a hands-on journey through mind-bending drinking creations in a lab where there are no rules and your imagination serves as your guide. Each station is set up with hum™ Botanical Spirit (, Preiss Imports specialty liqueurs (, The Perfect Purée’s Culinary Traditions™ and Beverage Artistry™ lines (, and an assortment of fresh fruits, juices, herbs and spices.

The winning ‘experiment’ from each station will receive a prize.