Bar Academia – the new training ground for bartenders

There’s a honorable lineage of talented bartenders around the country who are at the top of their game. They’ve all got a few things in common – passion and solid training. Want to be part of that noble lineage? Well, if you daydream about making and serving drinks; creating recipes with seasonal and new-to-the-market ingredients; the thought of getting behind a busy bar gets you excited and ready to rock and roll; and you want to spend hours debating the origin of the Manhattan and the flavor profiles of every gin on your back bar while determining the perfect weight for a cocktail spoon with other cocktail geeks then you should be attending Bar Academia.

Bar Academia is the one of a kind bar education created by Dushan Zaric, a founding partner of Employees Only ( Becoming an Employees Only trained professional through Bar Academia means passing through a 3-tier program of hands on training.

Each course is 50 hours long, spread out over 30 days. Level 1 includes 12 hours of practical experience behind the EO or Macao Trading Co bars for professional applicants.

A brief description of the course is below. For more information please attend the Q&A session on Monday, October 11th, 1-3pm at Employees Only.


Cocktail Hour – Level 1 (Beginner to Intermediate)

Curriculum: Bartender Fundamentals – Tools & Techniques – Bar Preparation – Introduction to Mixology – Introduction to Distilled Spirits and Tasting – Beverage service – Gastronomy – Classic Cocktails, history and execution.

Brief description of the curriculum:
The students are introduced into the Bartending trade from the beginning covering all first steps with care and attention. Attention is paid on details and every routine is explained and exercised with guidance. Different methodologies are explained as the student grows more comfortable with the use of tools and techniques. Prominent guest speakers will enhance the experience as we go deeper into the rabbit hole.

Dates: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 11am- 4:00pm,
Start: Monday, November 1st
Finish: Friday, November 26th 2010

Cost: $ 1,500.00

Main Course – Level 2 (Intermediate)

Curriculum: The fine art of banging out drinks like a maniac – Contemporary cocktails and techniques – Bartender? Rock star! – Service magic – Home made ingredients – History of American Cocktails part 2 – Distilled Spirits and Tasting – Introduction to wisdom and right action.

Brief description of the curriculum:
This curriculum is a long awaited relief for all professionals who are in the trenches night after night. From learning how to fine tune your palette to improving your output, psychological training and social mastery, our journey finishes in Wonderland where every night is an experience and an opportunity to produce happier guests. Guest speakers will be our fellow explorers.

Dates: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 11am- 5:00pm,
Start: Monday, January 10th 2011
Finish: Friday, February 4th 2011

Nightcap – Level 3 (Advanced)

Curriculum: Closing the Circle: The Art of Bartending – Consulting advice and guidance – Bar Bushido – How to teach and present at Bar Shows – New Trends and how to create them – Brand Ambassadorship – Floor Management – Liquor Cost & Bar Management – Principal Bartender

Brief description of the curriculum:
More a round table then a class this curriculum provides an opportunity for seasoned professionals and veterans of the Trade to share knowledge and learn from each other under the moderation and guidance of Dushan Zaric. Please consider the prospect of sharing and passing on so that you yourself can grow into a true leader and lineage holder.

Dates: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 11am- 4:00pm,
Start: Monday, April 4th 2011
Finish: Friday, April 29th 2011