Wondering what to do with this new bar tool

After last night’s introduction of PAMA pomegranate liqueur as the cure for the common cocktail (an event featuring 21 cocktails created by Eben Freeman – you’ll want the recipe for his simple and delicious rye based drink) attendees walked away with a doctor’s bag complete with whisk, bar spoon, and garnish cutter.

So we’re wondering…just what to do with this whisk? Will it become our new go-to bar tool? Will the whisk stand in well for the swizzle stick we’re still yearning for but can’t get our hands on? Or will many a plate of scrambled eggs be assembled thanks to this whisk and we’ll fondly remember our night of Eben Freeman’s creative PAMAified cocktails each time we inhale breakfast?

Do you have a whisk on your bar? How do you use it? Do you want one? How would you use it? Tell us.