Super-premium cognacs are available for your sipping (and warming pleasure)
By Francine Cohen

Kings don’t become kings just because they are lucky, or born into the right family.  Okay, so maybe they do.  But along with their birthright comes the responsibility of upholding certain standards and reaching for only the best products (hence the coveted royal warrant).

But, since you’re probably less interested in a royal warrant and more interested in a royal warming after this cold snap and snow we’re buried in, you’ll want to check out the event at Brandy Library on January 31st.

For just $45 per ticket you’ll have an opportunity to sample a selection of some of the world’s finest cognacs (the spirit of kings, and rappers). Many are rich with delicate fruit and oaky notes that warm you up and all are well worth your time as it’s hard to find a collection of standouts (XO grade or higher) like this at one event. 

Come ready to nibble on cheese and charcuterie as you experience Bache-Gabrielsen Hors d’Age, Pierre Ferrand Selection des Anges, Chateau de Montifaud, Louis Royer XO, Camus and Rémy Martin’s $2,000 a bottle Louis XIII.

For tickets go to

For more information about the event contact John Henry at or (917) 842-9615.