The Mixfits Manifesto

The Mixfits is a band of like-minded bartenders that believe very strongly in using quality and fresh ingredients, proper technique and methodology. We honor our craft daily and will fight against the ego that has overcome our profession. In the process we will put the focus back on hospitality and guest service. As well, we are dedicated to giving back to our communities through charity events and outreach.
The following open letter to bartenders pretty much sums it up:

Dear Mr. or Ms. Bartender,
I respect that you have talent. But, please wait until I ask about it before you start talking about how many bitters or tinctures you make (I may not ask) before you expound on it in extreme detail…Get off of your mixological high horse and be a bartender first.

Donning a vest will not make you a great bartender; it’s the heart and soul behind the vest that will define you. Reading cocktail books (though it doesn’t hurt) will not make you a great bartender, reading people will. Entertain. Smile. Make me and your other guests smile. Know about current events, sports, etc. Be a great conversationalist. Pour a great drink with fresh and quality ingredients, but don’t boast about it (that’s like patting yourself on the back for waking up in the morning. It’s what we are supposed to do).

The show is not about us bartenders, but about our guests. In the last few years the industry focus has put the spotlight on us, we need to return that spotlight to our guests or this amazing emergence that our craft has enjoyed will become a short lived fad. The nobility in our profession derives from the fact that we take great pride in serving people for a living. So, do it well. Honor our craft.

We, The Mixfits, will be your police, your regulators, the ones who will hold you accountable and make you feel like a fool for thinking yourself a rock star. We will make sure that we and our craft move forward; with or without you.

Truly, we prefer that you buy in to what we are saying, we need you all on board…