A grown up boozy soufflé to celebrate Father’s Day (and every day through July)

Though your father probably doesn’t look like George Washington and isn’t exactly the forefather of our nation he does have a couple of things in common with ol’ George… that’s being old enough to drink, telling you truths to help you have a better life, and being the forefather of your own personal nation.

So, while we’re not advocating spreading rumors that your dad chops down cherry trees you can treat him to an historically inspired (and appropriately liqueured up) dessert at Capsouto Freres (www.capsoutofreres.com).

Hitting the menu once again is the Roi René Rouge Cherry Soufflé. It’s the second year that Tribeca’s mainstay French bistro, Capsouto Frères has partnered with Combier USA (www.combierusa.com) to produce this one-of-a-kind dessert and it’s the perfect gift at $10.50, not another expensive barbecue tool that’s going to gather dust. Plus, you (and mom and your sisters and frères if you have them) can enjoy it too.

Capsouto Freres is known for their soufflés, and this tasty option is a specialty created by one of the frères who own the restaurant, Jacques Capsouto. Jacques has incorporated fresh cherry jam, crème anglaise and Rouge cherry sauce made with Roi René Rouge Cherry Liqueur.

Roi René Rouge’s all-natural recipe is comprised of a blend of handpicked guignes and morello cherries for their bitter and sweet flavors. Never modified from the original process created by the Reverend Mother Gautron of the Benedictine Abbey of Saumur, France, in March 2010, the Spirit Journal 2010 rated Roi René Rouge Cherry Liqueur the “Highest Recommendation.”

That sounds like enough to warrant us telling you this is a “Don’t Miss”!

The soufflé is available for $10.50 from this Father’s Day through July 2011.