10 Profile Photo Dos and Don’ts
By Julie Lerner, co-founder, EatDrinkJobs.com

A lot of people ask us what employers look for in the right employee. This is a universal question and it certainly varies from industry to industry. However, in the restaurant biz it helps to be organized, energetic, and above all, put together.

What do we mean by this? To be frank: no one wants to hire you if you look like Snooki. No one’s asking for a professional headshot, but it helps to include a photo that gives a clear perception of your overall, organized, professional appearance that we know is in there.

Here’s a list of ten dos and don’ts when it comes to profile pictures:

– Don’t use a picture of yourself partying (the only time your photos should include alcohol is if you’re doing the pouring).

– Nothing too personal. Save it for your Match.com profile.

– Try to stay away from pictures with other people. Otherwise how will we know which one is you?

– Blurry or distorted pictures – we want to SEE you.

– Baby pics? We think not.

– Take a clear, color photo.

– SMILE – remember, you want this job.

– Try to look professional. There’s no such thing as pajama-casual.

– Use a current photo.

– Have someone else take it – no cell phone, kissy pics please.

It’s not rocket science, guys. You don’t have to be Ansel Adams; just point, click, shoot!

Happy hunting!

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