Southern Comfort Celebrates This Veteran’s Day
By Francine Cohen

As we celebrate Veteran’s Day to honor the men and women who have served our country, we’d like to share news of a spirited American icon that’s giving back more to the military than just a great time in a glass- Southern Comfort.

This signature bottling, which is available only on military bases, features a bottle design that resembles the current camouflage patter being used by our troops in Afghanistan.

The promotion of these bottles, which hit shelves early November, was kicked off with a donation to the Halo for Freedom Warrior Foundation (, an organization supporting wounded warriors during their rehabilitation, reintegration and healing process.

The back label notes, “History tells us that during WWII, many soldiers stationed overseas shared their love of Southern Comfort with the people they met. This helped propel Southern Comfort into the international phenomenon that it is today. Southern Comfort salutes our troops both past and present!”

In publicly saluting the troops through this special bottling that’s being made available to servicemen and women and their families John Tichenor, VP, Group Brand Director, Southern Comfort, says, “We’re extremely proud to release these special camouflage Southern Comfort bottles in honor of our servicemen and women. May it remind us all of the sacrifices our troops make every day to preserve our freedom.”

Here’s to freedom. Whether you choose to celebrate it with Southern Comfort, or something else, we can all drink to that.