Bettah Buttah

Everyone knows that butter makes things better. And, after tasting these at the NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show, we’ve decided that Bettah Buttah compound butters make everything even that much better!

Bettah Buttah comes in five varieties: Black Peppah Blue Cheese, Cinnamon Sugah, Sundried Tomato Pesto, Southwestern Herb, and Lemon Peppah with more on the way. Jana Kirke, Brand Manager of Bettah Buttah, tells us, “We have two new ‘flavahs’ debuting at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show (January 16-18th) and they will be ready for retail sale January 20th, 2011. These flavahs are Roasted Garlic Italian Herb and Cilantro Margarita. In addition to those two, we have 6 more flavahs slated to arrive throughout the year.”

Without a doubt, this was the best packaged product we tasted at the entire show (and we tasted quite a bit, all in the name of research). A standout for its bright flavors and versatility, there was nothing fake about these compound butters. Chatting with the company’s co-owner (and father of the brand’s creator) we heard about a number of applications – everything from popcorn toppings and baked potato add-ons to additions to sauce bases. Kirke comments, “We see Bettah Buttah being used by chefs and retailers in any application that traditional butter would be used. For example, as a base for pasta sauce, finisher on steaks, poultry, and seafood, and toppah for vegetables and potatoes. This will add a bold and gourmet flavor to any dish very simply – by just adding a dollop! Not any extra work or preparation – only pure flavor!”

Bettah Buttah strikes us especially as the perfect addition to any hotel’s complimentary continental breakfast or breakfast buffet where, at pennies a guest, it would knock their socks off. Just this week alone we knocked our own socks off by spreading the Cinnamon Sugah on some challah toast, melting Lemon Peppah over roasted asparagus, and blending Black Peppah Blue Cheese into smashed red skin potatoes. What will you do with your Bettah Buttah?

You’ll have plenty of butter with which to figure it out as the butter comes packaged for the food service industry in one gallon tubs.

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