Kusmi tea is perfect for any time of day
By Francine Cohen

The beauty of Kusmi’s Detox tea is that you don’t have to be detoxing to enjoy it.

Made from a blend of mate, green tea and lemongrass it’s very soothing and while it may not have the same “pick me up and get me going” qualities like some caffeinated teas and coffee have, it’s got something better – a bit of a respite in every bag.

Consider keeping a couple of boxes of Detox around since, as busy food & beverage professionals you put in long hours and, let’s admit it, may not eat as healthy as you should.

Having it on hands means it’s easy to reach for the Kusmi Detox tea right as you ease into your day and embrace that balance of bright refreshing notes and a soft warmth that envelopes you and helps clear your head.

And your tummy too. Relaxing in its complexity, it’s the antidote to your occupational hazards of being in the weeds and having to ingest lots of delicious food and drink before, during, and after your shift.