A day in the life of The Bitchy Waiter
By EatDrinkJobs.com

Our pals over at EatDrinkJobs.com are a great source for your next job or sourcing a qualified candidate. As integrated into the f&b industry as they are it’s no wonder they’ve got a thriving blog in addition to effectively connecting employers and employees. We’re excited to announce that we’ll regularly be sharing some of their content with you.

First up, their new feature, “A Day in the Life.” They say, EatDrinkJobs is a growing operation. There are a lot of ingredients in this big delicious dish we’re working on but there’s one we could never do without – you! Without our users and advocates this would never be possible so we have decided to feature one prominent member of the service industry per month as a part of our new “day in the life” feature. We want to know what it’s like to walk in your shoes, even if they’re black crocs! Without further ado, we give you our first with our friend, and resident bitchy blogger, The Bitchy Waiter.

Name: The Bitchy Waiter

Title: blogger

Profession: waiter

What’s the first thought that usually pops into your head when you arrive at work?
Who am I working with today and do I like them?

What shift is your favorite – lunch/dinner/late night? Why?
I like lunch shifts as long as it’s a busy restaurant. I’d rather get my job over with and have the night off rather than have the day off and be dreading going to work that night. Also, the lunch shift has a definite ending time or you can at least transfer those campers over to someone coming in for the dinner shift. You don’t have that option with the dinner shift.

What brought you to the service industry?
When I got my first job in a restaurant, I did it because it was the best possible job to have as an actor. The schedule is easy to work around outside commitments. Also, I was happy to perpetuate the stereotypical “actor who waits tables” role.

Do you think working in the industry makes you a better customer?
Absolutely. One can’t help but be more sympathetic to a service person when they have been in the same ugly slip-resistant shoes. We know the importance of hearing “please” and “thank you” and I think working in the industry makes you more apt to use those words.

How do you know it’s time to move on from a position?
We don’t wait tables for our health, we do it to pay our bills. Sometimes the people you work with can be a good enough incentive to stay longer than you should even if the money isn’t the greatest. If you hate the people you work with and the money is no good, what the hell are you waiting for? Get out.

What’s your favorite on-the-job perk?
Cash and shift drinks.

In one word, describe your best dining experience:

If you could wait on anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
Edie Falco because I read that she was a waitress for so many years in NYC before hitting it big with The Sopranos. She said that she still can’t go by a restaurant without wondering what it would be like to work at it. I think she’d be cool to wait on.

Give a shout-out to the last place you had great service or a great meal – feel free to be as specific and detailed as you want.
Le Petit Italien in Paris. The waiter was patient with my lack of the French language and the food was amazing. Best gnocchi I have ever had.

For a closer look at the industry (and one that’s even more unvarnished than we’ve published here) check out the Bitchy Waiter at: www.thebitchywaiter.blogspot.com.

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