On occasion we’ve been known to open the door of the mini-bar in our hotel room only to drool over the contents and then quickly shut said door after reading the prices. Yet, still hungry, we turn to the room service menu instead, figuring it’s a better value. Silly us! It’s not. So don’t follow our lead if you find Popchips in your mini bar. Pull that bag out (heck, pull out two of them) and dig in! You won’t be able to help yourself once you do.

And why are hoteliers digging bags of Popchips filling their mini-bars. Well, we think it’s because this snack is irresistible to guests – hence a good revenue stream.

According to the Popchips folks, Popchips have less than half the fat of fried chips, no cholesterol, zero grams of trans fats and none of the fake colors, flavors, preservatives (or greasy fingers) that give snacking a bad name. Never fried (unhealthy). Never baked (undelicious). The wholesome, all-natural ingredients are popped with heat and pressure. Unlike fried chips weighed down by all that oil, Popchips are so light and airy; snackers get a lot more chips per serving. And for your health conscious (and munchies-induced guest) that’s a win-win. Popchips co-founder, Keith Belling says, “Our mission is to put the fun back in snacking by popping the flavor into a delicious, better-for-you, all-natural snack. One of the ways we’re keeping it exciting is by creating great new flavors that give our fellow snackers more ways to snack to their hearts’ content. Our newest pop stars are proving to be just as pop-ular as the rest.”

With seven delicious varieties (the newest being cheddar and sour cream & onion) you’re sure to find at least one favorite, and we promise that the crunch and intense flavors will satisfy every craving. So stock them in your mini bar, or add them to your bar menu offerings and watch your profits soar. www.popchips.com