Since its founding in the quaint village of Saumur in 1834, Combier has remained true to its history as an independent, family-owned producer of ultra premium distilled alcoholic beverages. Hand-crafted in the very same century-old copper stills first used by the Combier family, Combier’s current portfolio includes fine liqueurs, crèmes and spirits, with its signature product being Liqueur d’Orange (Jean-Baptiste Combier invented the original orange liqueur formula, commonly known as triple sec, in 1834).

To learn the story of Combier is to discover a brand so rich in history and tradition that major media outlets like The History Channel’s Modern Marvels and Condé Nast’s The New Yorker have featured Combier in recent articles. The New Yorker described the company as “literally, a museum” with its historic copper stills and wrought-iron passerelle, or walkway, whose lacy gold-and-maroon ironwork clearly bore the signature of its designer, Gustave Eiffel, who later went on to create the Eiffel Tower.
Crafted with only the purest of ingredients by expert hands, it’s no wonder then that Combier produces some of the most pure and authentic liqueurs in the world.