Chefs and Mixologists Collaborate on Taste of the Nation NY – Monday, May 23rd
By Francine Cohen

What did you have for breakfast this morning? For lunch? For dinner? What was that midnight snack you scarfed down with some cocktails or a post-shift beer? Well, whatever it was its likely more food ingested at one meal than many underprivileged kids eat in a day.

Did you think about this fact as you slurped down those oysters, chomped on that bacon, or twirled the other end of your French fry in ketchup? Probably not. And, while we’re not here to make you feel guilty for enjoying the food you can afford to put in front of you, we’d love to have you think about what you can do to help put food in front of 17 million American children who are at risk of going hungry every day.

On Monday, May 23rd, join us for Taste of the Nation NY 2011 and put your ticket purchase to work towards an end to childhood hunger in America so that hungry children grow up to be well-fed productive members of society.

Maybe next year you’ll even join us by participating in the event, but first, we’d just love to see you there Monday night.

Here are some facts to consider:
Nearly one in four kids in America can’t count on having enough to eat. Their bodies may not be rail thin, nor their bellies bloated like their counterparts in other countries, but they’re at risk of hunger all the same. They lack the energy to learn, grow and thrive.
• More than 17 million kids in America are at risk of hunger. That’s nearly 1 in 4.
• 15.5 million kids in America live in poverty.
• 20.1 million children benefit from SNAP (food stamps).
• 19 million kids get a free or reduced-price school lunch on an average school day.
• Only 9.4 million kids get a free or reduced-price school breakfast on an average school day.
• Just 1 in 6 eligible kids get free summer meals.
Sources: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; U.S. Census Bureau; Food Research and Action Center.

And here’s why your fellow chefs get involved:
Daniel Humm (Eleven Madison Park, supporter since 2006, presenting the Humm Dog paired with a spicy michelada created by Jeff Bell of PDT, says, ‘There are so many opportunities in New York to work with countless charities. For me, Taste of the Nation is a chance for chefs and foodies to come together to raise money to end childhood hunger. It’s such a rewarding evening for everyone, I’m honored to be a part.”

Dan Kluger (ABC Kitchen, longtime supporter, serving Salmon Tartare on Warm Garlic-Herb Toast says, “Its been a while since I have done it but it was always one of my favorite events to do. Many charities need help. Something like Taste and SOS are extremely important especially with “no kid hungry.” The thought of any child going without food is heartbreaking.”

Michael Chernow (The Meatball Shop, supporter since 2010, offering guests “Buffalo Chicken Wing Meatballs with Celery and Blue Cheese” says, “We love to participate in the Taste event because it allows us an opportunity to give back. Dan and I didn’t come from lifestyles of the rich and famous, and meatballs haven’t made us rich yet, but when the opportunity arises that we can contribute to a charity with food we’re all over it. Additionally, the Taste events are great networking events; the best of the best in New York show up. People are excited to meet, greet and most importantly, taste.

Join Michael (and his meatballs) and Daniel and Dan and taste these dishes and more like:

Ricciola – Amber Jack Tartare, Cara Cara Oranges, Cucumber, Uova di Trota (Ai Fiori

Ramp Vichyssoise with Asparagus (Blue Hill

Chilled Callaloo Soup with Crabmeat and Melon (Red Rooster

Spanish Mackerel Crudo, Artichoke Puree, Olive Tapenade & Chili Oil ((Union Square Café

Rhubarb Vanilla Crumble Cake with Lemon Verbena (Edi & The Wolf

And wash them down with:

Coppola wines

A frozen NYPD Blue made with DonQ rum (Painkiller

Rum & The City with Barrilito Tres Estrellas (Rums of PR

Jimm’s Cup and the Unusual Negroni (Hendrick’s

Thomas Hudson (Death’s Door

Tchuchuca made with Woodford and Fever-Tree Ginger Beer (Employees Only

Pedro’s Martinez made with Cinzano, Lustau PX, Ron Zacapa 23 (Clover Club

Far East Side made with Herradura Blanco (Pegu

Enjoy all this and more when you save 15% off your general admission ticket. Go to for ticket purchases and use our special code INSIDEFB for your industry discount.

Together we’ll stop sending kids to bed hungry.