About Inside F&B

Your business growth is our focus at INSIDE F&B. Standing out as the industry’s leading, and most trusted, information resource is where we excel.

Delving deep behind the scenes with the industry’s leading decision makers- from chefs and restaurateurs to bartenders, f&b directors, distributors, suppliers, purveyors, farmers and more- and having unvarnished conversations reflecting business challenges and wins enables us to lead the discussion on the business of the hospitality business.

Our sister company, INSIDE F&B INK, offers tailored strategic branding and marketing programs informed by customized research that results in authentic storytelling for the hospitality, f&b, and tourism sectors and delivers real results.

It’s often said of INSIDE F&B founder, Francine Cohen, “she knows everyone.” Let’s put that network to work and tell, or shape, your story.

Get in touch: francinecohen@insidefandb.com