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January 31, 2011

Anticipating a spirited future for 2011
By John Henry

Photo by Ben Stechschulte

The revolution of brand building is upon us. From the street on up. 2011 is the year in which the artisanal brands will fully break through to mainstream; especially those with high value to cost ratio. Overall, a new rise in hospitality will come to the bar trade this year and its warm tides will raise the bar nationwide both on-and off-premise.

On the street, day and night, seven days a week (the PipeLine Team logged over 13,750 man hours on the streets in 2010), we presented our brands to buyers in the most enlightened way possible–making placements, developing cocktail lists, setting up window displays, conducting in-store tastings, meeting with influential buyers, listening to and engaging consumers, schmoozing at Tales of the Cocktail, leading staff seminars, making and pouring cocktails at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, mustering up bartender support, blitzing the market with distributor sales representatives, leading their sales meetings for our contracted brands and sampling the wares. We focused on “marketing through sales” and we led the charge for the emerging artisanal brands in the marketplace, on the front lines.

There are exciting trends emerging from the grass roots brand movement we see daily on the spirited front lines, in our home tri-state market and beyond. The PipeLine mission has always been about connecting consumers to great craft brands and we are proud to have been a part of the movement and to have made the connections. Now we are invigorated to move ahead into the mainstream with your eager support–trade and consumers alike.

We want to keep bringing you the next wave of “good stuff” –to promote great emerging brands through “sales deliverables on the street” — at the forward edge of the market. Our detailed and customized ANNUAL MARKET REVIEW, broken categorically down by region, level, type and Continue Reading…