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December 19, 2012

40 is a big birthday. Just ask Simon Ford who just celebrated his, James Bond style. And chronicled it here ( .

While someone like Simon can travel to Jamaica and bask in the aura of Ian Fleming’s inspiration at the aptly named Golden Eye Resort (, a winery celebrating its 40th birthday is a forced to remain a bit more grounded.

Still, 40 is a big birthday. And so, in the spirit that says “go big or go home,” our friends at Jordan Winery ( capped off their 40th year, well…Gangnam style. Enjoy!

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October 1, 2012

Tastevin app enters the dining room with ease
By Ben Weinberg

The servers at award-winning Panzano restaurant in Denver hand over the sleek iPad to customers with a cheerful, “Have fun. Play around with it.”

The “it” they’re referring to is their beverage menu. Panzano’s menu ( was created (and is regularly updated) using Tastevin; a fully customizable, iPad-based program which offers pairing suggestions for guests and, for restaurant management, keeps track of inventory (in the cloud).

The founding management team at Tastevin includes beverage and software industry vets such as John Jordan of Jordan Vineyard & Winery ( Their in-depth, insider knowledge thus informs all aspects of the app’s focus, which is to take the worry out of wine service by providing whatever information the diner needs at the point of sale.

Closing that sale is part of the allure of the iPad’s presence at the table. Why invest in Tastevin and make the switch from traditional printed wine/cocktail lists to this? Well, first of all, printed wine lists waste paper, ink and money. And nothing stresses diners more than a list full of names they can’t pronounce from regions they’ve never heard of. Tastevin eliminates that stress by Continue Reading…