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Wagstaff Worldwide is a full-service public relations firm that specializes in working with clients in all areas of the hospitality industry—from restaurants, chefs, and food products to travel and tourism destinations, as well as premium wines and spirits. Founded in 1999 by Mary Wagstaff, the company today has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Aspen.

Hanna Lee Communications

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Headquartered in New York City, Hanna Lee Communications, Inc. is an award-winning, boutique PR agency specialized in the spirits, food, wine, travel and lifestyle industries and event management. The agency only represents products and companies about which it is passionate. This outlook drives the agency’s well-acknowledged excellence.

Current clients include Bar Celona Tapas Lounge, Terra Andina Chilean Winery, The Manhattan Cocktail Classic, Lowell European-Style Yogurts, G7-Portugal Top Wineries Consortium, and The Winemakers TV Series on PBS.

Previous client experience includes Sobieski Vodka, whose “Truth in Vodka” PR campaign won recognition and awards from PRWeek for “Best Consumer Launch of the Year” (first runner-up), as well as the SABRE Awards (given by The Holmes Report based in London).

Hanna Lee
Hanna Lee Communications, Inc.
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Phone: (212) 527-9969 or (212) 721-2090
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EatDrinkJobs is a restaurant / bar job site for qualified, recommended employees. Job seekers create profiles with recommendations from peers, instructors, managers, and owners. Having former colleagues highlighting your best qualities ensures that your resume gets to the top of the stack. The best jobs for the best people!

Illegal Mezcal

A Perfect Balance of Agave, Smoke and Heat.

Traditional artisanal mezcal –Vintage, small batch and handmade — is a part of Oaxaca that links the individual and the community to the land, sun and time…

Mezcal is not a product. It is a culture.

It is as nuanced as the lines in the hands that make it.

It is the opposite of industrial. It is familial, communal and ceremonial. It is new each year and the same as it was 500 years ago.

Ilegal Mezcal….. Joven, Reposado, Anejo

The New York International Spirits Competition



The New York International Spirits Competition is judged solely by qualified trade buyers who work in both on and off-premises establishments. Our judges are include the top mixologists, retail store buyers, importers and distributors in the industry.

Unlike in other competitions, New York International Spirits Competition judges blind taste spirits and base their decisions upon both category appeal and price range within the category. Therefore a tequila that retails for $38 will be judged in the $30-50 price category.

Medals are only awarded if the trade buyers will buy it for its business. All judges are volunteers and are not compensated. Our judges include the top mixologists, retail store buyers, importers and distributors in the industry.

For more information about New York International Spirits Competition, visit: www.nyispiritscompetition.com.

Combier USA

Since its founding in the quaint village of Saumur in 1834, Combier has remained true to its history as an independent, family-owned producer of ultra premium distilled alcoholic beverages. Hand-crafted in the very same century-old copper stills first used by the Combier family, Combier’s current portfolio includes fine liqueurs, crèmes and spirits, with its signature product being Liqueur d’Orange (Jean-Baptiste Combier invented the original orange liqueur formula, commonly known as triple sec, in 1834).

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Gourmet Latino

The first world-class, socially conscious celebration of Latin gastronomy and culture. The best Latin chefs, renowned mixologists and tastemasters come together to share the diverse foods, cocktails, wines and coffees from Latin America.


The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley

The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley is the leading U.S. producer of premium fruit and vegetable purees. Since 1988, The Perfect Purée, through its Culinary Traditions™ line, has introduced more than thirty exceptional flavors, ranging from the staple raspberry, strawberry and banana to the exotic lychee, passion fruit and pink guava. The fruits are harvested at the peak of season, pureed and packed frozen to maintain the ultimate in fresh flavor and color.

The Perfect Purée sells primarily to high-end restaurants, bars, hotels and cruise lines. In 2008, The Perfect Purée launched eight flavors into specialty retail markets. In April 2009, the company launched Beverage Artistry™, a line of premium, ready to use beverage bases specifically formulated for beverage use. The high impact flavor profiles can be used with spirits, wine, Champagne or as a base for non-alcoholic offerings.
For more information visit: www.perfectpuree.com