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September 16, 2011

Show off what you’ve got in the PAMA’s Beyond the Glass Bartender Search

Celebrating the elements (aside from drink creation) that make a great bartender the one who always has full seats in front of him, PAMA liqueur, from Heaven Hill Distilleries, has launched their Beyond The Glass Bartender Search.

PAMA’s ruby-red pomegranate liquid is versatile enough to mix well with every spirit from whiskey, rum and brandy to vodka gin and tequila. So too must a talented bartender be versatile throughout their shift; able to roll with the punches while satisfying a wide variety of guests and their tastes.

That takes a lot of skill that goes well beyond knowing how to follow a recipe or craft a delicious cocktail. So, in partnership with the U.S. Bartender’s Guild (USBG), Beyond The Glass introduces an online talent search to find this country’s one bartender who truly exemplifies the qualities that make the profession great; style, skill, and a sense of community.

Kicking off on September 12th and running through Monday, October 31st at 5:00 PM PST, bartenders are invited to nominate themselves with a video submitted through that showcases their:
Personal Style – how they dress, shake, stir and serve
Garnishing Skills – how they create the powerful finishing touch to a cocktail
Commitment to their Community – how they contribute to the local bartending
profession and how they use their bartending skills for the benefit of good causes.

Reid Hafer, senior brand manager for PAMA Liqueur at Heaven Hill notes, “There are so many talented mixologists out there who create fantastic drinks, but there’s much
more to bartending than creating a recipe. In the same fashion that PAMA is an essential ingredient at every bar, we seek to celebrate the other essential qualities that make a great bartender.”

Videos will be judged by a panel of members of the USBG executive board who will award points for each section of the submission, ultimately awarding $4,500 to the bartender who earns the most points. 10 runners up will have their annual USBG dues paid for them.

To enter the Beyond The Glass Bartender Search, go to



October 29, 2010

A PAMA Party Guaranteed to Lift Your Spirits

It’s that time of year – the weather swings like a pendulum on the bow of a boat riding the choppy seas and inevitably we all get colds. You could go to the doctor, get a prescription and then hit your favorite cocktail bar to wash down the meds, but that’s not a good idea (really not reflective of the whole “drink responsibly” mandate we follow). Better to self medicate simply with cocktails while learning about cocktails. 21 of them in fact. And created by Eben Freeman no less.

On Monday, November 1st Eben Freeman is presenting a selection of cocktails made with PAMA, the pomegranate liqueur that’s a combination of pomegranate juice (a known antioxidant), vodka and a touch of tequila. Exploring the realms of cocktail’s flavors, colors and textures Freeman is introducing a number of signature recipes that show off PAMA’s versatility and value in enhancing a drink.

Among Freeman’s cocktails, PAMA was paired with bourbon, rye, tequila, cognac, brandy, dark and light rum, cachaça and vodka, creating an array of classic and modern drinks. He says, “PAMA is so well balanced between sweet and tart that it balances the strength of its partner spirit,” When compared to similar liqueurs and cocktail ingredients, PAMA’s sweetness is 42 on a 100-point scale; its tartness reaches 39.

Pomegranate has a long history in the cocktail spectrum – originally in the form of grenadine, which was once made with fresh pomegranate juice. According to Freeman, it is the pomegranate that gives PAMA a tannic quality that helps to structure a cocktail and impart texture, which enhances the end result. He concludes, “When used properly, PAMA can help introduce the novice drinker to the realm of the classic cocktails with a fresher, more approachable flavor; its ruby-red color furthers to brighten a cocktail with a rosey hue that makes the drink more appealing to the eye and subsequently the palate as well.”

If you want to get well, or maybe just have PAMA in the well and figure out what you can do with it, get yourself to this event. The first three people to respond to with the right answer about what’s in PAMA (besides pomegranate juice) will be put on the guest list.



July 17, 2010

DonQ Rums Sponsors Benefit Concert in New Orleans Featuring Cowboy Mouth and Rebirth Brass Band
By Francine Cohen

As of July 15th there was a new cap on BP’s MC252 well, effectively (at least for now) stemming the flow of oil that’s been rushing into the Gulf since the well sprung a leak. But that took them a few months to get from crisis to supposed containment and, along the way, thousands of people in the area have lost jobs due to this environmental disaster that still has an untold impact on the region.

So what can you do besides wring your hands and watch those soap commercials about the wildlife covered in oil finally getting a bath and returning to their natural habitat? Well (no pun intended)…you could come out to Tipitina’s ( in the French Quarter on Thursday, July 22nd at 9:30 and have a few drinks ($4 each) made by some of the country’s best mixologists and sip them alongside your friends as you listen to the sounds of Cowboy Mouth ( and the Rebirth Brass Band (

Oil is working its way onto the beaches and into the marshes, but hopefully, with money raised from this evening (possibly $25,000 or more), the region will see a rebirth. That’s what the folks at DonQ Rums ( were thinking when they set the wheels in motion for this not to be missed evening that benefits the Greater New Orleans Foundation (

John Eason, VP National Sales Manager (and Louisiana native), was inspired Continue Reading…