The Skipper and Mary Ann were just a warm up act for this boat cruise taking you around the world in five cocktails.
By Francine Cohen

On May 16th, from 6-9 pm. The Manhattan Cocktail Classic’s Three Hour Cruise is sure to be a once in a lifetime seaborne event where guests have the opportunity to see the world through five cocktails.

Presented by Moët Hennessy USA, and the Tippling Point, The Three Hour Tour was created by noted NYC bartenders, Jason Littrell of Death & Company and Dram, and Louis 649 bartender/manager Gianfranco Verga on a boat that sets sail for a sunset cruise tailored expressly for this country’s committed drinkerati.

While the ship is running on diesel, this party will be fueled by stunning cocktails from some of the nation’s most accomplished bartenders including:
Richard Boccato (Painkiller/Dutch Kills, NYC)
John Lermayer (The Florida Room, Miami)
Jacqueline Patterson (Heaven’s Dog, San Francisco)
Thomas Waugh (Death & Company, NYC)
Danny Valdez (Cure, New Orleans)
and The Tippling Point

Sailing into the horizon, the Three Hour Tour takes you around the world (okay, so it’s around the island of Manhattan) as live ice carving demos from Okamoto studios offer an unusual addition to the exquisite passing views of NYC landmarks. The multi-level ship will have a jazz band on the top deck with a DJ spinning tunes on the aft.

Your passport is your guide to the majestic journey spanning the globe. Sipping authentic 10 Cane Rum in Trinidad, Ardbeg Scotch in Scotland, Belvedere Vodka in Poland, and indulging in Hennessey Cognac and Grand Marnier in France, you will slowly drift away to distant lands of luxury.

Tickets ($50) go on sale on the evening of 4/19 to the public at, but you can get the inside scoop and first dibs by checking in on Twitter with @threehourcruise. With only 150 tickets available you’re going to want to check in early.