By Francine Cohen

There are times in life where you’ve just got to go with your gut. Take your years of expertise and experience and knowledge and trust that you can trust your instincts. This is one of those times…

INSIDE F&B’s “Don’t Miss” column is pleased to introduce something we haven’t even had the pleasure of trying — Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Aromatic bitters.

Why share something with you that we haven’t yet tasted, much less do it in this regular column in which we highlight very special things we know you’ll enjoy and want to know about? Well, because it’s new. And we know you like to know about new things. And because it’s from Dale. And Ted. And, not that they walk on water (though, if they did it would be a neat trick), but these are two guys who know what they’re doing. Plus, now we get to talk about “Dale & Ted’s Big Adventure.”

When they do come together in a joint venture like coming into the bitters category with a new entry, we at least want to give it a whirl. And we’re pretty sure you will too. Which you can, in LIMITED quantity at Tales. And then it’ll be ready for sale late summer/early fall.

But first, back to the liquid itself. What’s so great about these Pimento bitters? Well, for one, it’s on DeGroff’s list of items he’d take on a desert island – assuming said desert island was outfitted with a bar. He notes, ““If I were trapped on a desert island and had one ingredient to mix with spirits, this would be it! Locked in the heart of this single berry is the essence of cinnamon, ginger, clove, and nutmeg- it is a brilliant base for a cocktail bitters.”

Breaux and DeGroff describe their product which is produced in the historic Combier ( distillery (in Saumur, France) as “a revival of a style of bitters that had all but disappeared by the latter 20th century. It was created by blending Pimento berry – a delightfully complex and layered spice – with a hint of anise and other herbs. The result is a versatile bitters that provides a delicious compliment to many classic and modern cocktails. Allspice berries provide the foundation of the flavor profile, which is layered with tropical and Mediterranean spices. The natural occurring essential oils of pimento are believed to aid digestion in traditional medicine. It is carefully crafted to enhance the flavor of cocktails without overpowering them.”

Breaux and DeGroff recommend that you, “Use it to spice a wide range of classic and modern favorites like the Piña Colada, Painkiller, Mai Tai, the Sazerac and other whiskey cocktails, also Champagne cocktails.” And DeGroff also recommends adding a dash to accent straight spirits like grappa, gin, and whiskey.

You can pre-order your Special Collector’s Edition 250 ml Professional Bottle now. It comes in a handsome antique bottle with hand waxed top, packaged with a dripper spout. Hand signed in indelible gold ink by Dale DeGroff, can be refilled and reused. Only 3000 units available.(Price: $18.82) The 150 ml standard bottle ($9.99) will be available in September.

Let us know how you like it.